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Young athletes have particular challenges, they are developing at a stage when the demands of sport sometimes cause difficulties that can jeopardise well-being, academic and sporting performance. I help young athletes to perform better and enjoy themselves more by promoting wellbeing and training psychological skills.


Coaches, like athletes, face great challenges in a world that is increasingly demanding and focused on winning. They are challenged to be at their best and to bring out the best in their players. Communication skills are important to work on, as are emotional regulation skills, fundamental tools for those who work with others and promote excellence.



In the context of youth sports, parents have never been more demanding, just as parents have never been more demanding of themselves. Managing training schedules, competitions and normal family life are not easy tasks. Parents are not immune to the pressure that everyone feels in the context of competitive sports. For these and other reasons, it's also important for parents to develop their communication and emotional regulation skills.


High performance has its own characteristics, in which all dimensions of the athlete are pushed to the limit, be they physical or psychological. Just as physical abilities are trained to overcome challenges, psychological abilities can and should also be trained.

Sport Organisations

Clubs, sport academies and federations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of providing comprehensive support for their athletes. The psychological aspect is not something strange that only some people need, just as it's not only weak athletes who get injured. Sports organisations are made up of people, all of whom have their own characteristics that are put to the test in an environment where success is the buzzword. Athletes, coaches and parents are demanding more and more of themselves, but also of the institutions that support them. Working on values, organisation and communication are all things I can help with.

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Role of a Security Guard

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Crowd Control

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Powers of Arrest

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Patrol Techniques

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Use of Force

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First Aid

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